Hi, my name is Gabriel Eggers and I'm an  illustrator, production artist, and designer based in Sonora, CA. I recently moved out to the golden state from Madison, WI, but I'm originally an Iowa Native. I've worked with hundreds of small businesses across the country and dozens overseas to provide illustrations, graphics, vector simplification, reproductions, and technical support, working extensively with screen printers, engravers, sign & banner printers, interactive web-graphic companies, and many other industries. I know how to communicate effectively with other artists & non-artists and am highly experienced at working with other people's art to fix issues, develop & realize concepts, restore damaged or unsuitable work, and transform work for new applications.

In my illustration work I specialize in high quality quick turnaround portraits of both pets and people for screen printing, engraving, and web; as well as icons, spot illustrations, and clipart. I am currently diving into digital painting & multimedia work, and SVG animations for interactive web applications.