A flattened version of the UW crests found on the outside of many of the university  buildings. I designed an easier to produce and flatter version to be used inside several university buildings including the Union West and a couple of  medical buildings. Images below show some of the modeling and construction process. I had to learn the EnRoute modeling software on the job from reading the manual to do his job. Hand detailing with a dremel and sandpaper was required as well as a small amount of piece construction due to the limitations of our 3-axis router.
Below are three different finished versions of the crest for client approval. The 3rd image is the crest hanging in the medical building. The gold versions ended up in a few places in the Union West building.
After completing the flattened versions of the crests we got an order for the full 3D crests. The design for there is from the original sculptor perhaps 80 years ago. We paid for a high quality 3D scan, but I had to figure out how to slice the art into pieces for construction on our 3-axis router.  Below are images of the EnRoute program and test pieces as I was working out how to construct a smaller version of the crest similar in size to the previous flattened crests.
The Construction and layering for the full size crest to be mounted on the outside of UW medical building is shown below. Along with the unpainted but touched up smaller crests. My boss at the time, Susan Cary of Cary Signs, did most of the work in actually glueing the the pieces together for the larger crest and most of the painting for it as well.
Final images below of a finished smaller crest as well as the full size version in progress. The final image shows installation at the Medical Science building. I added a texture effect on site after installing the sign.